CFormView Example

In this Visual c++ CformView Example we used a class derived instead of CDialog
This applications contains 2 buttons one for devision and one for multiplication and it has 2 Edit controls to hold the 2 number involved in the arithmetic operation

After pressing the devision button here what you get

To create the application
1-Start a new MFC application wizard chose a name for the project let us CFORMVIEWEX or any thing u like
2-In the last step chose CFormView as the parent of your derived view class

3-Start building the dialog as shown above chose IDC_EDIT1 ,IDC_EDIT2 For the numbers on the lefts ,IDC_RESULT FOr the result number IDC_MULTIPLY FOR multiplication button finally chose IDC_DEVIDE for the devision

4-In class wizard the following member variables m_number1 for the first edit control NUM1 ;
m_number2 for the second edit control second number and finally for the result m_results do not forget to chose CString type for all of the variables
5- Add messege handler for the 2 buttons and name them Mulitiplication and Devide Respectively and edit the code of those functions

Here what you get the code is marked in Red

void CCFormViewExView::Mulitiplication()

double first_number , second_number , result;

UpdateData();// Read data

first_number = atof( m_number1) ;
second_number = atof( m_number2);

result = first_number * second_number ;

m_results.Format("%.3f", result) ;
UpdateData(FALSE); // WriteData


and the second function

as follows

void CCFormViewExView::Devide()

double NumA ,NumB , results ;

NumA = atoi( m_number1);
NumB = atoi(m_number2);
results = NumA/NumB ;
m_results.Format("%.5f", results) ;

6- Finaly build the application stard putting numbers on the edit control and see the results
note the effect of using different parameters in Format function where Devision has 5 decimal numbers than Multiplication which has only 3

To download the whole project click here fullproject and if you want the exe file click here Exefile

This post contains many typos like devide and others i made them for search engines intentionaly Loll


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