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This statement of purpose sample not standard operating procedure

This SOP statement of purpose sample is written for the admission of university is given to you to write your own copy
This describes why you want to join the university

Name: Your name

Field: Masters in Computer Science

Semester Applied: Spring 2002


Most of the achievers irrespective of their field of excellence, whether, musicians, politicians or managers would certify that they had dream, and that they had pursued their goals relentlessly. My aspiration to climb the ladder is based on the similar lines.

The role of computers in our day to day life has acquired prominence beyond imagination. Computers have virtually invaded every part of our lives and their far-reaching implications need no explanations. The role of computers in diverse fields is spellbinding. The various software developed has grown to meet the demands of almost any kind of user. Yet, there are more surprises to follow.

Thus, in this complex world of continuous development, computers in particular, it is imperative to be competitive and one’s academic qualifications should commensurate with ones imperious skills and concepts.

Hence my goal of becoming a Masters in Computer Science in indicated.

The zeal and determination to purse and explore the field of computer is reflected from my previous qualifications. I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India, in the field of Computer Science securing a first class with distinction. During the course of my study, we dealt with a wide verity of subjects, mostly on the fundamental aspects of each subject.

An advanced degree in Computer Science will be the line of demarcation of my pursuit for academic excellence. I am sure that it will give me the right impetus and required acumen for reaching the pinnacle of my career in future. And, of course, nothing can be more honorable then to be a part of your esteemed institute, the benefits of which I shall ream and relish in my career ahead.

I am highly motivated, excited with enthusiasm and desirous to join for further studies in your institution, which is the path leading to my goal. I know, given a chance I will be able to learn, apply and contribute to the mankind using computer science and thereby achieve my long-standing ambitions.

I look forward to a happy and everlasting association with your famed institution.

your name

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