True False biology questions

True False biology questions

Write A if true and Write B if False

___The Origin of Species was published soon after the H.M.S. Beagle returned to England.

___The major difference between Darwin and Wallace's views on evolution focused on the relative importance of natural selection as an evolutionary force.

___The "New Synthesis" or "Modern Synthesis" refers to the merging of mutation theory with Darwinian natural selection in the early 1900's.

___Mendelian principles of genetics explain all the sources of heritable variations in natural populations of organisms.

___Linked gene refers to movement of alleles.

___Linkage of gene and crossing-over tend to accelerate evolutionary change.

___Individual organisms do not evolve

___In order to avoid offending religious leaders of the time, Darwin was very careful not to mention "special creation" or the "Creator" in his book.

___Gregor Mendel ("The Father of Genetics) had the opportunity to read Darwin's writings, but Darwin was unaware of Mendel's genetic discoveries.

___For evolution to occur, changes must be heritable

___Evolution is second only to genetics as "the central organizing principle in all of biology"

___Dispersal of an individual from one population to another does not necessarily result in gene flow.

___Charles Darwin was unaware of Alfred Russel ___Wallace's studies until long after the voyage of the Beagle.

___Charles Darwin believed that natural selection was a very powerful force and that every part of an organism was "designed" by natural selection to serve a particular purpose.

___"Point" or "gene" mutations are mutations that occur at weak points in chromosomes.

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